“Never confuse motion with progress"

Alfred A Montaperth

Don't start exercising. Start Learning.

Starting to exercise without building our knowledge of how our mind and body works is like jumping off a cliff hoping to fly. 

1) Relearn - Remember and Understand

  • Deconstruct our personal myths E.g. "I have fat genes."

  • Deconstruct urban legends E.g. "Eat less, move more" to lose weight

  • Remember new knowledge E.g. "How does body store fat? 

  • Understand new ideas E.g. "Food can be an addiction.."

2)  Reframe - Apply, Analyse and Evaluate

  • Apply knowledge to experience Eg. Slice of bread (50 Cal) = physiological experience of walking 25 floors 

  • Analyse what we experience as Pain and Pleasure 

  • Evaluate, then develop awareness E.g. How fast do we chew?

3) Reboot - Create

  • Construct our own diet and activity routine

  • Every 90 Days can be different based on our life stage

  • Listen to our body

  • Fit your lifestyle that ONLY YOU will know

relearn &